‘Orange Is The New Blue’


This was the end to an Evening on my recent Road-Trip across the NT & WA.

The Sunset was just Magic and so Calming, People walking along the lake while i was eating Fish and Chips.

Making Memories.


‘Bins Bins Bins’


This shot was taken around Hosier Lane’s’ in the CBD of Melbourne.

I Find the Art so Clever and Unique, if you look at one wall then look again and then again you see new and different things every time.

They are Fresh and they are always Artists Making More Art! I would recommend them as a place to see if you are every in Melbourne.

Meet The Photographer

Hello and welcome to Jamie Does Photography,

This is a blog that i am very passionate about and i will be posting a very simple one shot each day with a Title and Description to what it is to me. I do hope you enjoy my images and feel free to let me know your opinions.

I have a Canon EOS M3 Camera with an 18 – 55 mm lens and all of my shots are from this camera. My work is different and it will feature many Tree shots and Also ones from the ground up as i do believe you get a wider angle and a unique story from these view points.

For Now Jamie